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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Batting and needles

I have my preferances, as do every other quilter.

Dream wool - love the loft! And needles like a dream...

Clovers gold eye number 12

I do occationally choose other needles, if the piece I am quilting has a lot of seams, as these needles tend to bend if I have to use some force - I then will normally go for a number 11 between.


  1. The Clover gold eye #12 needles are my absolute favorite. They are hard to find around here though. Happy Quilting ~Jeanne

  2. I do use these needles and wool too. I have to order my needles online as I also can't find them where I live.

  3. The clover gold eye #12 are my second favorite, love them too! Never used this brand wool, maybe for my next quilt!


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