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Saturday, March 10, 2012

More scraps

By Ann-Mari Duffy

I just love scrappy quilts, think most of my quilts are made of scraps. I buy small pieces of fabric or second-hand shirts.
Here are some of them:

This is a small one, it is sewn by machine.

This is the first large quilt I handquilted. Notice the sashing, not enough of brown fabric.

This is a top, have not decided if I will handquilt it or not.

Happy quilting


  1. Scrappies and tell a story all on their own, love that you didn`t go out and try to find more brown and went with what you had, that is the quilters innovative way

  2. I love how the quilt turned out that you didn't have enough brown for - totally scrappy - the ideas we can all come up with is amazing at times.

  3. very charming how the sashing changes to a different color. i always find myself trying to 'match' the fabric--am trying to change the way i approach that.:)


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